IAVS Committee Position — Blog Editor

  • Collaborates with IAVS community/student authors to create blog essays on vegansociology.com that will be directly relevant to activists and laypeople
  • Liaises with IAVS Committee in obtaining and spotlighting online content
  • Takes initiative in sourcing new content for blogs that spotlight vegan sociology and are a benefit to the community
    • This may include reaching out to conference presenters
    • This may include reaching out to Affiliates
    • This may include collaborating with the Research Lab Coordinator or Events Coordinator
  • Coordinates with Events Coordinator and Newsletter Editor to develop a post-conference synopsis for the blog and newsletter
  • Collects author photo, affiliation and biography (unless author declines)
    • Ensures submissions are especially easy to share and use by peer-reviewing blog post summaries prior to posting
    • Enters meta-data and optimizes shareability
  • Liaises with Social Media Coordinator and Newsletter Editor to share blog updates through IAVS channels and associated networks
  • Ensures the associated illustration is not restricted by copyright
    • Assists authors in sourcing illustrations as needed
  • Monitors comments on blog (if comments are turned on)
  • Coordinates with Website Administrator who will approve and publish draft blogs
  • Attends IAVS Committee meetings only as needed (4 maximum annually)

To apply for a role please send a short (300 word max) expression of interest to info@vegansociology.com outlining your interest, availability, and any relevant experience by the 31st October.