The International Association of Vegan Sociologists Research Lab is a virtual space for collaboration and exchange. Its aim is to generate timely research with the input of scholars from universities across the world in partnership with professional sociological associations. The IAVS research lab is further intended to create opportunities for all levels of scholars, independent and third-sector researchers, and students to collaboratively develop cutting-edge, impact-oriented research that will inform governmental policy, philanthropic theories of change, and activist decision-making. Reports and publications would be created as commissioned by policymakers or nonprofits, but members could also spearhead projects that they identify as relevant. This research will be spotlighted in an IAVS podcast, blog, and annual conference. 


Solicit Research Assistance

Contact us at info@vegansociology or browse our affiliates directory to learn about the research interests and expertise of our membership.


Ongoing Research Projects



Vegan Sociology Working Group Meetup 

IAVS aims to host a monthly (or bi-monthly) virtual research workshop. Students, activists, faculty, and independent researchers are encouraged to attend to test and practice ongoing research, brainstorm future research projects, and facilitate all manner of collaboration.