IAVS Committee Position — Research Lab Coordinator

  • Organises regular virtual meetings to foster collaboration between students, independent scholars, faculty, activists, and policymakers, and more
  • Manages a research lab itinerary to ensure fresh content and equal opportunity for participation; may entail active solicitation from IAVS community to maintain momentum
  • Chairs lab meetings and follows up with any action items
  • Identifies ways to advance the research profile of the IAVS community
  • Liaises with external bodies (ie. grassroots groups, community organizations, charities, and politicians) to identify areas for collaboration 
  • Liaises with Social Media Coordinator, Blog Editor, Newsletter Editor, and IAVS Committee to promote lab news, calls for contributions, and events
  • Collaborates with Web Administrator to post collaboration opportunities and details and recordings of special events
  • Collaborates with Event Coordinator as appropriate
  • Coordinates the Attends IAVS Committee meetings only as needed (maximum 4 per year)

To apply for a role please send a short (300 word max) expression of interest to info@vegansociology.com outlining your interest, availability, and any relevant experience by the 31st October.