Carlos Liebsch
Independent Researcher


Research Interests
Critical animal studies, human/non-human relations & representations, multispecies ethnography, symbiotic relations, interspecies solidarity, animal industrial complex, regenerative agriculture, posthumanism.


Carlos Liebsch is a sociologist and activist for animal liberation, he develops as an independent researcher, inclined to the use of qualitative methods. He has experience in different grassroots organizations focused on Animal and Earth liberation, which has involved work on social mobilization strategies, creation of propaganda, public interventions, host forums, lobbying, among others. Currently, he is project coordinator at Clafira Sanctuary in Chile.

He has participated in the first International Congress debate on non-human animals “Resisting the speciesism: towards more animal communities”, at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And he was part of the first Conference on Critical Animal Studies, “Approaches, disarmament and aporias around speciesism” organized by the Latin American Institute of Critical Animal Studies and the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, in Santiago, Chile. In addition, he has experience as a thesis advisor linked to speciesist education in Chile, and experience as a professor creating and teaching the course “Animal liberation, ethical debate and environmental impact: Challenges for interspecies solidarity” at the Open University of Recoleta, Chile.

Carlos has published articles in local anti-species magazines and part of his research in The Latin American Journal of Critical Animal Studies, addressing cultural studies around animals and recently the data related to the Chilean industrial animal complex. Read more on Carlos’s page.


Student supervision

Considers student supervision.