Dr. Catherine Duxbury
London School of Economics and Political Science

Research Interests
Critical animal studies, feminism, animal experiments, STS, environmental sociology


Dr Duxbury is a Fellow within the LSE100 Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She received her PhD in Sociology at the University of Essex in 2017 where they were given the Don Pike Award for the best first time graduate teaching assistant. Catherine has published in a number peer-reviewed academic journals including Historical Sociology and The Journal for Critical Animals Studies. Her latest publication is a book for Routledge’s Solving Social Problems series, entitled Science, Gender and the Exploitation of Animals in Britain Since 1945. Dr Duxbury is currently researching about the use of AI in the control and surveillance of farm animals.

Dr Duxbury is also a committed educator and is dedicated to implementing multispecies critical and feminist pedagogical practices in her teaching. She has recently been given the LSE’s Best Class Teacher award of 2021/2022!

Key Publications


Student Supervision

Considers student supervision.


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