Adrianna Kapek-Goodridge (she/her)
University of Huddersfield


Research Interests
Farm animal welfare, governance, EU legislation, NGO strategies, meat reduction, animal sentience, private standards, changing human attitudes towards animal suffering. 


Adrianna is a PhD student at Huddersfield University (United Kingdom), where she is researching farm animal welfare governance in the European Union, particularly in the United Kingdom and Poland. She is interested in the relationships between animal welfare NGOs, consumers, retailers, and producers. She has graduated from Aberystwyth University, firstly with a BA in International Politics and German Language, followed by an MA in International Politics (Specialist in International Relations). Adrianna is expanding Norbert Elias’s theory of the civilizing process by exploring various local ‘civilizing processes’ that are predicated on the recognition of animal sentience by humans, which involves examining the attitudes of European societies towards the suffering of non-human animals throughout the centuries. She is working as an independent consultant to animal welfare NGOs in the European Union, at the same time contributing to many networks, such as the International Association of Vegan Sociologists, the Norbert Elias Foundation, and the Section for Interspecies Relations (Polish Sociological Association).

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