Łucja Lange
Institute of Sociology, University of Łódź, Poland


Research Interests
Animal studies (including – vegan studies, ethics in bioresearch and bio art, relations, communication, agency, death, grief); death studies (being terminal, dying, death, decay, grief, remembering, rituals); gender studies (trans people experience); and photography, theatre studies, queer studies.


Łucja is a graduate of Theatre Studies (2004) and Ethnology (2015). Currently, she is a PhD student in sociology and literary research. She completed the Animal Psychology course (2019) and is working with traumatized cats and handicapped dogs. Since 2020, she has been the Vice-President of the Section for Interspecies Relations in the Polish Sociological Association and a member of the Institute of Good Death. In 2021, she became a member of the International Association for Vegan Sociologists. She takes active part in many networks, such as degrowth or veterinary humanities. Łucja is an assistant at the Institute of Sociology (University of Lodz) in Poland and is also working as a research assistant in a pilot project: “From Deathworlds to Lifeworlds: Collaboration with Strangers for Personal, Social and Ecological Transformation. A Web-Based Story Map” conducted by Professor Valerie Malhorta Bentz from the School of Leadership Studies, Fielding University, and James Marlatt, Ph.D. from the Institute for Social Innovations (Fellow at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California). Łucja has not eaten any meat for almost 30 years, and for almost 7 years she has been vegan as well as a zero waste wannabe.

Key Publications

Student supervision

Łucja will consider supervising students in 2023 when she is fully qualified.


Any students, researchers, or media may solicit contact information from our affiliates via info@vegansociology.com.