Loredana Loy
PhD Candidate, Sociology Department, Cornell University


Research Interests
The backlash against plant-based food systems, climate change politics.


Loredana Loy is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at Cornell University. She received an MA in sociology and media studies from New York University and a BS from Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Her current doctoral dissertation research is focused on the evolution of climate discourse in the United States. Along with a collaborator from Brown University, she is working on a project exploring the backlash against efforts towards the transition to a plant-based food system as a proposed solution to the climate and ecological crisis. Loredana manages the American Sociological Association Animals & Society section’s social media presence and has served as the section’s newsletter editor.

Key Publications

  • Loredana Loy. Forthcoming. “About a Speech: The Media’s Reaction to a Celebrity Advocacy Intervention.” In Animal Activism On and Off Screen. Edited by Claire Parkinson and Lara Herring. Sidney University Press.
  • Brulle, Robert J., Galen Hall, Loredana Loy, and Kennedy Schell-Smith. 2021. “Obstructing Action: Foundation Funding and US Climate Change Counter-Movement Organizations.” Climatic Change 166(1–2):17.
  • Wrenn Corey, Loredana Loy, and Bonnie Berry. 2020. “COVID-19, Animals, and Us: Human Supremacy as an Environmental Pathology.” ASA Footnotes 48(3).
  • Loredana Loy. 2017. “Media Activism and Advocacy: What’s Film Got to Do with It?” In Critical Animal and Media Studies. Edited by Nuria Almiron, Mathew Cole, and Carrie Packwood. London: Routledge.
  • Loredana Loy. 2015. “Representations of Animal Advocacy in Film.” In Lives Beyond Us: Essays on the Film Reality of Animals. Edited by Kristin Irving and Seb Manley. London: Sidekick Books.

Student supervision

Loredana is happy to provide direction and help any students interested in critical animal studies!


Any students, researchers, or media may solicit contact information from our affiliates via info@vegansociology.com.