Vasile Stănescu (he/him)
Mercer University


Research Interests
Critical Animal Studies, Climate Change, locavorism and humane farming, in vitro meat, meat production and colonialism.


Vasile Stanescu is Associate Professor and Chair of Communication at Mercer University. He received his Ph.D. in the program of Modern Thought and Literature (MTL) at Stanford University. Stanescu is co-editor of the Critical Animal Studies book series published by Rodopi/Brill. Stanescu is the author of numerous publications on the critical study of animals and the environment. These include publications in the American Behavioral Scientist, Liberazioni – Rivista di critica antispecista [Liberations-Anti-Specieist Criticisms], Journal fürkritische Tierstudien  [The German Journal for Critical Animal Studies], The Journal of American Culture, Animal Studies Journal, and the Journal for Critical Animal Studies.

Key Publications

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