Nik Taylor
College of Arts, University of Canterbury,
Aotearoa New Zealand


Research Interests
Animal sociology, human-animal studies, critical animal studies, violence to animals (broadly conceived, i.e. including discursive and symbolic violence), domestic violence and animal abuse, ethnography and animals, gender, species and social justice, neoliberalism and knowledge production, animals and human services


Dr Nik Taylor is an internationally recognized critical and public sociologist whose research focusses on mechanisms of power and marginalisation expressed in/through human relations with other species and is informed by critical/ intersectional feminism. Nik currently teaches topics in the Human Services and Social Work program at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, that focus on human-animal violence links; scholar-advocacy; social change, and crime and deviance, particularly domestic violence and animal abuse. Nik’s latest books include Queer Entanglements (Cambridge University Press, with Damien Riggs, heather Fraser and Shoshana Rosenberg) and Rescuing Me, Rescuing You: Companion Animals and Domestic Violence (Palgrave, 2019, with Heather Fraser).

Key Publications

Student supervision

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