Episode 5 – Dr. Zoei Sutton June 22, 2020

This episode discusses new sociological research on species-inclusive culture and the social construction of species. Dr. Sutton also discusses some strategies for survival in the discipline, including networking, building relationships, and adopting a broad sociological training. We also chat about the differences between animal law and sociology as well as new developments in sociology for other animals.

Dr Zoei Sutton is a sociologist specialising in qualitative research with both human and nonhuman animals. Dr. Sutton draws on her sociological expertise to analyse the relationships between human and nonhuman animals through qualitative interviews, observation and media analysis. Through this research she has examined both micro and macro levels of society to understand the nuances of everyday relationships as experienced by participants, and how these reflect and inform a broader social context. Her research interests include critical animal studies, social inclusion, the complexity and intersectionality of inequality and inclusive methodologies. Her research is available on  Academia.edu  and  Researchgate.net.

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